Future prostitutes revealed... android pleasure machines

Mom's affair 'kills' her 4 kids

If the imagination of two New-Zealanders becomes a reality, then brothels could take a new definition in the next couple of decades and human trafficking and prostitution would be controlled.

According to a report in 'Mail Online', Ian Yeoman and Michelle Mars of the Victoria Management School in Wellington, New Zealand, say the production and use of lifelike android pleasure machines could effectively halt the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, as well as stem the increase in human trafficking associated with the sex trade.

In their paper titled - Robots, Men And Sex Tourism - they explain what the sex industry will be like in the year 2050. In their imaginary brothel, scantily clad blondes and brunettes parade around in exotic lingerie entertaining clients paying about £6,200 just to enter for an ‘all-inclusive service’.

All androids are made of bacteria-resistant fibre that guarantee no sexually transmitted diseases are transferred between consumers, the report added.

Android sex workers may also provide a ‘guilt free’ experience for men, they add. With no more women being exploited, the duo believe prostitution could gain more respectability.

In fact robot sex workers have been a feature of many science fiction in the past.

Mom's affair 'kills' her 4 kids

A love affair that went sour claimed the lives of four innocent kids. A mother in New York who set on fire pictures of her boyfriend happened to accidently killed her four children, reported huffingtonpost.com.

Bobbie Kugler, 31, told police that she tossed the burning photos on a dresser filled with combustible items.

She is charged with arson and manslaughter and she has pleaded not guilty.

Wife kills husband for raping daughter

A woman in Seongnam, South Korea, killed her husband for raping their 26-year-old daughter.

According to 'AsiaOne', the 48-year-old woman along with her children - a son and daughter - suffocated the man after tying his hands and feet with ropes and shutting his mouth with tape.

Jilted teenager sets classmate ablaze

A teenager allegedly set his classmate on fire for rejecting his advances.

The 14-year-old went to her house and tried o force hmself on her. When she refused he was infuriated and set her ablaze after dousing hr with kerosene, reported Times of India.

The victim suffered more than 55 per cent burns and is critical.


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