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Get married without a husband for Dh10,000

If you are a woman obsessed with being independent and don't want to settle down in a marriage until later in life, but all the same yearn to experience the fun and glamour of the big day, here's your chance.

A company in Japan offers 'solo weddings' for single women, arranging a two-day trip encompassing everything from dress fittings, letting them choose their own bouquets, getting their hair and make-up done and even choosing a man to accompany them for a photo shoot, reported DailyMail.

Travel company Cera Travel in Kyoto, which started the service in June, claims 10 women have so far availed the offer that costs around $2,750 [approx Dh10,101].

Once the 'wedding' is over, the women invite their boyfriends to join them in the honeymoon suite.

A 43-year-old businesswoman was quoted as saying that she's been in a relationship for years and never got around getting married. But she dreamt of being pampered in a wedding gown and so opted for the 'solo wedding' and claims it 'was great'.

The service also targets divorced women who want to feel special again.