Hubby divorces, then sues wife for ugly baby

A husband divorced and then sued his wife for having an ugly baby.

According to media reports, Northern China resident, Jian Feng, allegedly married his wife and soon, the wife became pregnant.

After childbirth, Feng realised the baby was ugly and could not believe that the girl he was seeing came from the beautiful woman he married. He reportedly accused his wife of adultery, because the baby looked nothing like either parent. He insisted that his wife tell him who the real father of the ugly baby was.

She insisted that the baby looked like her. Feng's wife admitted to having more than $100,000 in intensive plastic surgery before she met and married him.

The surgeries completely altered the way in which she appeared. Obviously, her genes were passed on to the baby, but not the genes that Feng hoped for or wanted.

According to a local newspaper, Feng divorced his wife, and then sued her for lying about her beauty and previous surgeries. Feng won the lawsuit, taking home a $120,000 settlement.

College student stabbed by roommate

A US student at an American university in Rome who was allegedly stabbed by his roommate 25 times after a night of Halloween partying remains hospitalized in an intensive care unit.

San Giovanni hospital declined to give details Saturday about the condition of the victim, whom authorities have not named but said is around 20.

The roommate, a fellow student at John Cabot University, is in police custody as they probe the attack early Thursday. Police have said the attack followed a night of alcohol and possible drug use.

John Cabot's president, Franco Pavoncello, in a message on the university's web site, said press or social media "rumors" do not accurately reflect what happened, but offered no details.

He urged prayers for the families of the victim and alleged assailant.(AP)

Half-eaten body found

The body of a man half-eaten by saltwater crocodiles has been found at a Philippine breeding farm for the giant reptiles, police said Tuesday.

Employees found the 57-year-old victim in a pond used by the crocodiles, which can grow up to 4.3 metres (14 feet) long, on Friday, police officer Lowell Neniza said.

Authorities had no idea how the man, named by police as jobless Sorbelo Sajona, entered the privately-owned farm, Neniza said.

While there was no sign of any other injuries, police have yet to officially conclude he was killed by crocodile bites, Neniza told AFP by telephone.

"There was no evidence of foul play, but the farm security guards told us they were clueless on how he got into the pond."

Sajona lived in a village about five kilometres (three miles) from the crocodile farm, Neniza said.

He was last seen drunk the previous day at the local cemetery, visiting the graves of his relatives like many other residents on All Saints' Day, he added.

Lerio Gaceta, administrative officer of J.K. Mercado and Sons Agricultural Enterprises, which runs the farm, said the company planned to issue a statement on the discovery of the body but refused to elaborate on the issue.

She said there were 2,800 Crocodylus porosus - more commonly known as saltwater crocodiles - on the farm, which exports the creatures' skins and sells the meat to local restaurants offering exotic cuisine.

The farm is in Santo Tomas, a rural town on the large southern island of Mindanao.(AFP)

Thai 'wizard' held after 'bulletproof' tattoo brawls

A "sorcerer" tattooist has been arrested in northeastern Thailand after several brawls involving his disciples who believed his body art made them invincible, police said Tuesday.

Boonyong Luangjumpol was held for possession of guns after officers raided his home following a spate of fights in the province of Kalasin, local police chief Major General Kanisorn Noinard told AFP.

He said the 29-year-old was renowned in the area for creating love potions, as well as his sideline in tattoos which teenage followers believed could protect them from gunshot or knife wounds.

"Police arrested the teenagers and asked them why they fought. They said they were tattooed because they believed it would make them invincible and wanted to test whether it works or not... they used sticks and knives, but guns are rarely seen in the brawls," Kanisorn said.

When asked if the fights had injured any of the followers, he said "every single one" was hurt.

Police decided to conduct the raid because of the links to the brawls, which tended to occur after Buddhist festivals, Kanisorn added. They found several guns and machetes at Boonyong's home, he said.(AFP)

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