Husband rapes niece to punish nagging wife

Plus: Mom, 32, has an affair with daughter's boyfriend, 16, and gives birth to his son

MUMBAI: A man raped his 10-year-old niece to get back to his wife. After the incident, the man went back and told his wife about what he had done, however, the wife filed a complaint with the authorities only when the husband threatened to divorce her a few days later.

The husband was tired of his wife's nagging. He took his anger out on his 10-year-old neice. He went to his wife's brother's place and took the little girl to their terrace on some pretext. He gagged and raped her there, reveals The Times of India.

His wife did not reveal the truth even after her husband gloated about it to her. It was only when he threatened to divorce her a few days later that she went to the police. The child's parents also did not know anything about the incident.

Medical reports confirmed that the girl had been sexually abused. The reports also revealed that the man had inflicted burn wounds in her private parts.


Mum, 32, in intimate relationship with daughter's boyfriend, 16

LOS ANGELES: A 32-year-old mother entered into an intimate relationship with her daughter's teenage boyfriend and even gave birth to his baby.

The mother of three children gave birth to a baby boy and told authorities that the father of her child is none other than her eldest daughter's boyfriend, reports Daily Mail.

The woman has been arrested for having an illicit relationship with a minor. However, the woman claims that she is in love with her teen lover. She was involved in a relationsip with the minor for more than six months.

She used to sneak into his apartment while the boy's parents would be away. The entire neighbourhood knew about the woman's affair with a boy exactly half her age.

The woman faces jail term of up to eight years.


Boy, 11, bombarded with porn content on sleepover

A schoolboy who went on a sleepover to his friend's place to have some fun, returned home with innocence lost. He was exposed to hard-core porn when his friends showed him explicit images and videos they had downloaded on their smartphones.

The child's mother told Herald Sun that she was sick when she heard of what happened to her son during the sleepover.

She said that her son is too young to have been exposed to such content but thought it was a wake-up call for every parents since access to such content was made so easy thanks to the internet.

One of the kids who had gone for the sleepover used the victim's smartphone to download explict images, while another used his iPad to look up some more content and share it among the group. They all used the household Wi-fi connection to search for porn content.

The mother told the daily that the boy "was quite disgusted, he was upset, he was embarrassed and he was ashamed."

The situation is alarming for parents as easy access can also lead to the children being caught in traps set by online peadophiles.


Flight attendant adds funny twist to safety measures announcement


Man hit by own plane dies

INDIA: A resident of New Delhi died in a bizarre fashion in a small town near the Indian capital, Meerut, when he was hit by his own place after he got dangerously close to it while it was landing.

The man went to the airfield with two of his friends but chose not to fly himself. Instead he sent his friends on the flight and decided to click pictures once they were airborne, reports Indian news television channel NDTV.

While clicking pictures, the owner of the place got too close to the rotor blades and was hit by them as the plane was in the process of landing.

He received horrendous head injuries and died on the spot.  

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