ID robber runs into victim at bank

Oregon man tried to cash cheque from another man's account

Police say an Oregon man tried to cash a cheque from another man's account, only to run into his victim at the bank.
Medford police arrested 37-year-old Matthew Frombach on Saturday after the victim's friend chased him down and tackled him outside the bank.
Police say the 28-year-old victim noticed three forged cheques worth $700 had been cashed on his account and went to his bank to discuss it.

While he was there, police say Frombach showed up and tried to cash a fourth fraudulent cheque.
Before authorities arrived, police say Frombach tried to leave the bank and punched the suspect's friend in the face. The friend chased and tackled him as officers arrived.
The victim ordered new cheques about two weeks ago, and police suspect they were stolen from the mail.
Frombach's mother declined to comment.

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