In Pictures: Crazy World

Indian farmers form a human chain on the shore of Bay of Bengal to protest. (AP)

Brazil's Coritnhians soccer fans cheer their team during Copa Libertadores soccer match against Uruguay's Danubio in Sao Paulo. (Reuters)

Two grey geese cross a street in Salem, southern Germany. (AFP)

A trainer prompts tigers to stand on their hind legs at a circus performance in Hefei, Anhui province. (Reuters)

A Tornado is seen in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. A storm system produced at least three tornadoes in Arkansas and Oklahoma. (Reuters)

A handler holds up a toy during treadmill exercises at the Dog Resort in Sao Paulo. (Reuters)

Spanish matador Ivan Fandino performs a pass on a bull during the 2015 Open Season bullfight at Las Ventas bullring in Madrid. (AFP)

A Yangtze finless porpoise swims in a lightly-trafficked reserve on the Yangtze River in Jianli county in central China's Hubei province. (AP)

People take a selfie with cherry blossoms in full bloom in Tokyo. (Reuters)

Amphibious assault vehicles of the South Korean Marine Corps throw smoke bombs as they move to land on shore during a U.S.-South Korea joint landing operation drill in Pohang. (Reuters)

A senior employee (R) of Japanese shoe cream maker Columbus polishes the shoes of a newly recruited employee during an entrance ceremony at the company's headquarters in Tokyo. (AFP)

An Anna's Hummingbird feeds one of two recently hatched chicks in a nest outside The Register-Guard newspaper offices in Eugene, Ore. (AP)

A man whose livelihood depends on selling recyclable wastes collects trash from a dumping site as he surrounded by Marabou storks on the outskirt of Uganda's capital Kampala. (Reuters)

Jerry Middleton casts a shadow on a wall as he prepares to bowl a duckpin bowling ball during a tournament at Shenandoah Bowling Lanes. (AP)

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