Lebanese takes selfie with dead mother… after digging up grave

A sectioned image of the man with the corpse of his mother. (MBC TV)

Deab Saiqly, a Lebanese graveyard guard, dug up the grave of his mother and took a selfie with the corpse, according to an MBC TV report.

The MBC TV Channel interviewed the man and invited a psychologist to shed light on the case, but the graveyard guard seemed very normal and showed no sign of any mental problems.

Deab told the TV anchor and the psychiatrist that he adores and loves to spend time in the graveyard where he feel happiness among the dead.

He says he rejected a proposal for marriage from the USA, because he did not want to leave the dead. He says he often takes selfies with corpses, but only keeps the picture with his mother.

Daib said that he is not afraid of questioning by the police and knows exactly what he does.

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