'Linsanity': Jeremy Lin stopped by security guard at new team arena

Apparently ‘Linsanity’ hasn't hit Charlotte just yet.

Jeremy Lin, the NBA's first Chinese-American player, tweeted Saturday that he had trouble convincing a security guard at the arena of his new team that he was indeed a Hornets player.

"Went to the Hornets arena for 1st time and tried convincing security im a player. She said, 'what team?!?'"

Lin, 27, inspired ‘Linsanity’ in 2012 when he came off the bench to spark a win streak by the injury-riddled New York Knicks.

The player, whose ancestry is from Taiwan and China, spent two NBA seasons with Houston after leaving the Knicks and last season with the Los Angeles Lakers before signing with the Hornets in July in a free agent deal worth $4.3 million over two years.

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