Little boy strangled... dad and step-mom held

Also: Man, sons killed daughter for fleeing home

Saudi authorities arrested a Syrian man and his wife on charges of murdering his seven-year-old son by strangling him, a newspaper said on Saturday.

His father, who lives in Riyadh, had first claimed Abdullah died normally but forensic examination showed he was strangled by a rope, Sabq said.

“His father told police that he did tie his son with a rope to calm him down on the grounds he is hyperactive,” the paper said.

“His step mother claimed that the boy strangled himself by accident…police arrested the couple for interrogation on suspicion they killed the boy.”

Man, sons killed daughter for fleeing home

A Syrian man in Kuwait killed his daughter with the help of his sons just after she returned home which she fled a few months ago because of mistreatment. Her mother reported them to the police who found the body in a deserted area.

The father and his sons had first denied the crime but one son later confessed under police pressure and led them to where they buried the girl.

“They found the body wrapped with a blanket…they took the body to the coroner for examination while the man and his sons were arrested,” Alanba Arabic language daily said without mentioning the girl’s age.

Pilot gets 3 months jail for molesting 14-year-old girl
A 29-year-old pilot, JLW, from the Seychelles Islands, was sentenced to three months in jail after the court found him guilty of molesting a 14year-old girl in the lift of a building.

The victim, ANH, 14, American student, testified that on March 17, at around 11 am, she went to a building at Knowledge Village for her Arabic language lessons.

“A man entered the lift behind me. I pressed the 31st floor while he pressed the 21st floor. As the lift arrived at the 21st floor, the man did not get out the lift. As the door closed he came close to me and groped my face. I pushed him away put he repeated it several times. The lift arrived at the 31st floor, so both of us got out. I told my tutor what happened in the lift,” she testified.

The tutor informed the girl’s father AHH, 53, businessman, who rushed to the building and talked to the watchman and then informed the police.

First Sergeant Adel Saeed testified that the building’s watchman could identify the tenant from the camera recording of the lift.  The recording showed that the man did not get out of the lift at the 21st floor that he had pressed but rather stayed in and molested the girl who pushed him away several times until the lift reached the 31st floor.

Police arrested JLW and the girl recognised him when shown to her in an identification parade. JLW had denied the accusation when he first appeared before the court. 


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