Man burnt as iPhone explodes after cycle crash

Gareth Clear, was cycling around Manly Dam when the accident occurred. (YouTube)

A Sydney bicycle rider, Gareth Clear, 36, says he suffered severe burns when his iPhone exploded in his pocket.

Clear was riding around Manly Dam on Sunday afternoon when he fell from his bike and landed on his iPhone.

He then smelt smoke and felt an intense heat on his leg just moments before his mobile device fully exploded.

The iPhone melted through Mr Clear’s shorts and burnt through two layers of skin on his upper right thigh.

At the burns unit at the Royal North Shore Hospital, Mr Clear said he was told he had third-degree burns on his upper right thigh, and had to have a skin graft.

It is not unique for lithium ion batteries, which are used in smart phones, laptops, hover boards and electric cars, to explode.

Apple's Australia-based office have not commented on the incident, however it is understood they are speaking directly to Mr Clear about the incident.