Man chokes woman for not matching e-profile

Beware of online friends. In a strange case, a man tried to choke a woman because he was disappointed after he met a woman he had befriended online. The woman allegedly did not match her online profile. 
The 33-year-old man has been charged with assault by Kentucky Police, reports UK daily The Metro
The incident occured after the duo fought over the fact that the woman's profile online did not match her real self. 
A man choked a woman he met online because she didn’t match her profile, say police.
Cornelius Jefferson, 33, of Georgia, US, has been charged with assault following the incident in Kentucky.
Jefferson alledgely choked the woman and threw food over her after a row.
Laurel County Sheriff John Root said the argument broke out because Jefferson thought the woman did not resemble her online profile.
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