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Man jailed for sexually assaulting dog

Man gets 10 years for sexual assault on dog

A California man was sentenced this week to 10 years in prison for choking and sexually assaulting a chihuahua, and must now register as a sex offender, Sacramento prosecutors said Saturday.

Robert Edwards De Shields, who is confined to a wheelchair, was convicted last month of the crimes against the eight-month-old chihuahua mix living with the family of the South Sacramento home where he rented a living space. He was high on methamphetamine at the time of the attack.

In March the owners found the dog almost lifeless, in pain and in shock, with De Shields in the garage.

A veterinarian later found traces of asphyxiation, as well as serious injuries to the animal's rectum and internal organs. The chihuahua was only able to survive thanks to intensive medical care.

De Shields, a meth addict, has been in and out of custody for years.

In the last 19 to 20 years, he has only been free from jail or monitoring by the authorities for about five months, except for periods when he was on the run, according to the Sacramento County District Attorney's office.

In an unusual move for an animal cruelty case, De Shields was also required to register as a lifetime sex offender, meaning he will have to wear an electronic surveillance device and keep a distance from schools and other places where children gather.

He will serve out his sentence in a state prison.


Mother threw her dead daughter's body out with trash

OHIO: A woman cofessed to police officials that she threw her dead daughter's body out with the trash. She is being held on $10,000 bond, Herald Sun reports.

India Parker, 35, is facing a charge of abuse of a corpse, WOIO-TV reported. The girl was reported missing by the father of one of Parker's other children, according to WKYC-TV.

Friends and relatives told police investigating the disappearance they had not seen her since 2006 when she was five years old, and that Ms Parker made excuses to explain her absence.

Parker allegedly told some people that the girl had been killed by a falling bookcase. Police authorities were unable to find any record of her death.

Apparently, social workers had previously taken away at least one child from the woman, but ws later returned to her.


Satellite crashes into 'Cosmonaut' street

RUSSIA: A fragment of a Russian satellite that fell back to Earth after a failed launch crashed into a village in Siberia, hitting a house on a street named after cosmonauts, officials say.

The Meridian communications satellite failed to reach orbit on Friday due to a failure with its Soyuz rocket, in the latest setback for a Russian space program which has now lost over half a dozen satellites in the past year.

Its fragments crashed into the Novosibirsk region of central Siberia and were found in the Ordynsk district around 100km south of the regional capital Novosibirsk.

"A sphere was found, around 50cm in diameter, which crashed into the roof of a house in the village of Vagaitsevo" in the Ordynsk district, an official in the local security services told the Interfax news agency.

In an extraordinary irony, the official said that the house was located on Cosmonaut Street, named after the heroic spacemen of the Soviet and Russian space program.

The head of the Ordynsk district, Pavel Ivarovksy, told Interfax that the damage was being examined by specialists and the owner of the property, who was at home with his wife at the time, would receive compensation.

"The owner told me he heard a noise, then a crash, and he went outside and saw the damage," he said.

There were no reports of casualties.

The failure of the Soyuz-2.1B rocket to deliver its payload is a particular worry as it comes from a member of the same family that Russia uses to send multinational manned crews to the International Space Station (ISS).

An unmanned Progress supply ship bound for the ISS crashed into Siberia in August after its launch by a Soyuz, forcing the temporary grounding of the rockets and well as a wholesale re-jig of the station's staffing.

The loss of the Meridian satellite caps a disastrous 12 months for Russia that has already seen it lose three navigation satellites, an advanced military satellite, a telecommunications satellite, a probe for Mars as well as the Progress.

"This again shows that the (Russian space) industry is in crisis," admitted Vladimir Popovkin, the head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, in comments broadcast on state television. "It is deeply unpleasant."

Acknowledging that the jobs of the Roscosmos leadership were at risk, he added: "I think it is possible that the organisational conclusions will be quite severe, right up to including myself."

Cupcake deemed 'security threat', confiscated at airport

LAS VEGAS: A woman's cup cakes were confiscated by security officials at Las vegas airport as the gel-like frosting could have been a mass destructive weapon of sorts.

The agent who noticed them, picked them up and said 'these look delicious,' and sent Ms Peabody on her way, reports Herald Sun. According to the agent, the frosting and the glass jar could be security threats.

Luckily for the lady who was gifted two of such cup cakes, she ate one of them in Nevada and had saved the remaining one in a jar to relish and have later. 

Soldier shot at his homecoming party

CALIFORNIA: A US soldier who survived a suicide bombing while serving in Afghanistan was in critical condition Saturday after being shot at his homecoming party.

Family members told the San Bernardino Sun newspaper that 22-year-old Christopher Sullivan was shot Friday night at a party that friends threw for him.

"My son didn't deserve this. He served his country," his mother, Suzanne Sullivan, told the newspaper.
She said her son was shot twice in the back, which shattered his spine and left him paralyzed.

Police said Sullivan's brother and a partygoer got into an argument. When Sullivan moved to break up the fight, the man pulled a gun and opened fire at Sullivan.

The gunman fled the scene before police arrived.

Sullivan was wounded in a suicide bombing attack last year in Kandahar while serving with the Army.
He suffered a cracked collar bone and brain damage in the attack and had been recovering in Kentucky, where he is stationed.

He was home on leave when the shooting occurred.

His enlistment was to be complete in April.

Family members are calling on the shooter to surrender.

Police have not identified the suspect.