Man kidnapped and held with an alligator strapped to his back

Authorities were called after a man was held captive with an alligator on his back.

Isaias Garcia, 30, kept a 21-year-old prisoner in his bathtub in Garland, Texas, with the 3ft creature, in an attempt to demand a $800 ransom in exchange for his release.

On a phone call to his aunt, the man said: "They got this alligator on me, and they saying that if no money is given they are gonna have him chewing on me."

When the woman demanded proof that her nephew was unharmed, the kidnapper allegedly texted her a photo of her nephew in the terrifying circumstance.

Cops were called and Isaias was charged with first-degree kidnapping.

The alligator wasn't harmed and picked up by the state's Department of Environmental Protection.

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