Man paints house red with Home Alone quote for Christmas

Photo: Bang

A man covered his house in red paint and wrote a 'Home Alone' quote instead of putting up festive Christmas lights.

Builder Kai Bowman, 43, a father of three, caused a stir on his street in the city of Bristol in South West England.

However, he insists splashing a £30 tin of red paint onto the front of his home with words from the popular festive movie franchise, is the most economic way for his family to make the property festive.

According to, Bowman said: "As a family we always have fun driving around touring houses that put tremendous effort into their exterior decorations.

"I soon found out it was very expensive and extremely time-consuming in a world where both time and money are in limited supply.

"This year while decorating our tree I had a moment of inspiration; - I wanted to create a look that was relatively easy, fast and inexpensive that would look good during the day without having a huge electric bill at the end and would make families smile.

"This was when I decided to paint the house bright red with a phrase from one of our favourite Christmas movies, Home Alone.

"The next morning I went to our local hardware store and bought a cheap roll of damaged wallpaper for the letters and a £30 pot of bright red exterior masonry paint, the rest is history."

People from Bristol travel to have their pictures taken in front of the house in Maynard Close, making it "worth the effort".

He said: "Every night people visit from all over Bristol to see it as a family and smile, some even take photos of their children stood in front of our house.

"Seeing people smile at something you have personally created is a great feeling, and for me it was worth all the effort."