Man saves pet tortoise after hour-long CPR

A man has revealed he saved his pet tortoise's life after carrying out CPR on the reptile.

John Fletcher's 45-year-old pet Freda was drowning, but the retired postman came to her rescue by performing CPR on the reptile.

After a while water seeped out of Freda's mouth, but he thought nothing of it.

Mr Fletcher said: "It must have been in there for at least an hour.

"I took it out and it was looking quite dead and limp.

"I decided to put my own mouth around the head and give a few short blows having stretched its head out a little.

"A small half teaspoonful of water came out of its mouth which I had opened."

After nearly 60 minutes and using a hairdryer to warm its body and legs, Freda started to slowly open her eyes.

Fletcher told The Daily Telegraph: "I detected some movement so I warmed it up with a hairdryer, massaged its legs and neck and after another full hour it started gasping and opened its eyes.