Man tells girlfriend not to accept promotion due to being on more money

Pic: Reuters

A man was overheard telling his girlfriend not to accept a promotion at work because she would be on more money than him.

The unnamed couple were heard having an argument in an airport and one woman documented the whole conversation on Twitter.

She wrote: "Couple beside me at the airport is arguing over money. He just told her if she loved him she'd turn down the promotion bc everyone would know she'd be making more money than him and he'd be humiliated. Holy s**t is that really still a thing? Wtf (sic)"

The man apparently told his girlfriend that when they are married with kids she wouldn't be working so "no point focusing on her career".

After detailing the conversation, the woman ended revealing the girlfriend was applauded by onlookers when she walked away.

The Twitter user then wrote a tweet directly to the woman saying: "Dear Brave Airport Lady, if you ever see this, just know that although I'm sorry you went through this (esp during the holidays), I hope that, one day, you look back on this as a defining moment in your life. Never settle. Follow your heart. You are a goddess (sic)"