Mentally challenged girl raped by 6 over 6 months

In a horrendous act, a mentally challenged Indian teen was gang raped by 6 different men within a span of 6 months, Mid-Day reported.

Five months later, a pregnancy adds to agony of the 14-year-old who barely remembers the faces of her culprits. All she can recollect is the chocolates they offered to lure her into a cab in which she was taken to a deserted house where she was asked to undress. 

The father along with the victim filed a complaint, where she revealed that she faintly remembers that one of the six unidentified men had a beard. She also recalled that two drivers were involved in the act.

According to police reports, the watchman of the building from where she was picked up is the only witness to the case which otherwise seems bleak.

The girl will be taken to child psychologists and other mental health professionals in an attempt to get more information out of her.

A special team of cops has been put into place in order to capture the culprits.

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