Microwave blast kills woman in Saudi

A woman was killed and her husband was seriously injured when their microwave exploded and caused fire in their house in the Gulf Kingdom.

Police said the man and his wife were rushed to hospital after the fire at their house in the western town of Badr but the woman died later.

The husband was seriously hurt while their little son also suffered from medium injuries, a police spokesman said.

Maid ends life in Saudi after mum kicked husband out

A Sri Lankan housemaid in Saudi Arabia committed a suicide by hanging herself at her employer’s house after learning her mother kicked out her husband in her home country, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The maid was found hanging by a rope around her neck in the bathroom at her Saudi employer’s house in the capital Riyadh, Sabq said.

“Her employer told police that she had received a call from her husband telling her that her mother threw him out of her house,” the paper said.

“He said he asked the maid why she was upset after the call and that she told him that there is no point to live after her husband was kicked out.”

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