Mom, 4 girls enhance 'assets' record 13 times

In a bid to enhance their assets, a British mum and her four daughters have already been under the knife for 13 times.

The family already boasts of having had more breast enhancement jobs than any other in Britain, reports The Sun.

In total, 'The Kardashians of the East Midlands' as the five women are known as, have already had some have nearly three litres of silicone put in their bodies in 13 surgeries.

Now, the family is talking about encouraging the youngest daughter of the family, aged 14, to go under the knife once she is a little bit older. The mother proudly says that her youngest daughter already uses make-up and dyes her hair blonde and even gets a fake tan to attract more attention. The day is not far when she too would opt for an asset enhancement surgery.

The mother also has four sons and is separated from her husband. She underwent surgery for the first time in 1996 to correct her figure after having eight kids.

(Image courtesy Shutterstock)

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