Mom trains daughter to become topless model

A 60-year-old former Playboy pin-up model wants her 16-year-old daughter to follow in her footsteps and become a topless model.

With this brilliant career in mind, the mother got the teenager to do a saucy photo shoot two years ago. The pair have even posed together for some some lingerie shoots.

The mother, who is a grandmother of 10 kids and even a great grandmother spends about 400 pounds a month on stuff like fake tan and lingerie for her daughter.

The mother feels her daughter is a 'natural' glamorous model for publications such as Playboy and Page Three. She is not averse to her daughter going under the knife to enhance her assets. After all, she herself has had facelift, cheek and chin implants, Botox and has even enhanced her own assets. 

"She's not too young or vulnerable as long as I'm with her," the Mirror quoted the former model telling Closer magazine. "

"We plan to pose topless together when she's old enough, too," the mother added. And the daughter claims her mother 'is an inspiration' and is not at all embarrassed at the thought of posing in the nude with her mother.


Mom banned for being 'too old' for short skirts

UK: A 28-year-old mother of four was stopped from entering not one, but three nightclubs in a town in the UK by bouncers as she was 'too old' to wear skimpy clothing.

She was allegedly refused entry at all the venues around the New Year because of her ultra-short skirts, knee-high boots and low-cut tops, said the Daily Mail.

The woman, who boasts a size-6 figure was furious after she was stopped from having a good time by the company that owns all the three nightclubs that she tried to enter.

"What's wrong with what I wear? I'm not hurting anyone, am I? I am covering everything, and I just want to have a good time," she was quoted as saying.

When I asked the bouncers why me and my sister weren't allowed in, they just said 'You're too old to wear that get-up'," she told the daily.

Psychic tells Kim Kardashian her dead father wants her to divorce

US: Each and every moment of the reality star's real life saga with Kris Humphries has been well documented for her fans ever since she decided to dump him or vice versa.

On one of the recent episodes of 'Kim and Khloe Take New York', the 31-year-old star comes to the revelation that 72 days is long enough to be married, after visiting celebrity psychic, John Edwards.

Edwards claims on the show that he is communicating with Kim's late father, Robert Kardashian. The father wants to know via Edwards if Kim has learnt from her first divorce from music producer, Damon Thomas.

Kim fakes a wail witht he help of water-proof make-up and cries out: "I honestly feel like I can't do this anyone with Kris. I feel like I got into this way too fast. You know I'm not happy."


Tour operators offer titillating 'human safaris' in India

INDIA: Tour operators offer tribal tours in India wherein tourists can closely look at the lifestyle of those human beings who have not yet joined the mainstream modern style of living.

According to a report in The Times of India, a tour operator's (name witheld here) brochure claims to offer the following: "See the lifestyle of tattooed, heavily beaded, nearly naked people, their day-to-day activity and their extremely primitive way of living".

The brochure offers further gross details, which helps the operator attract more tourists and hence more profit: "After breakfast, an excursion to the nearby hills where most amazing and fierce Bondas tribes (naked people) reside."

The titillating "human safaris" are provided in areas that are populated with tribals who are barely out of the woods, literally. The members of these tribes still follow the old way of life and the Indian government is trying to make their transition and assimilation into the modern society seamless. Yet, measures are being introduced to preserve their unique way of living.

The questionable human safaris are not only a violation of basic human rights but unethical as well.

The Bondas of Orissa and the Jarawas of Andaman are most affected by these tourists.


Weird floral tributes left by grave of armed robber

BRITAIN: Can of red diesel, cigarettes, cash machine, a mobile phone and a £20 note have been left by the friends and family of the goon who killed himself in prison has outraged his victims.

The victims say that the floral tributes celebrate the crimes of the armed robber.

The six-man gang had carried out 32 robberies, 67 cash point thefts, 42 smash and grabs and 126 vehicle thefts all within a year, reported Daily Mail.

The 29-year-old was buried at a site near where he lived. His family and friends brought over the tributes in five packed vans, which comprised a life-size cash dispenser, a Post Office sign, a £20 note and a replica of a canister of tax exempt red diesel, which is often stolen from storage tanks on farms, said the daily.


Woman saves £3,000 by cyber-begging for help

UK: Pleading for money online has become an easy job by going directly to people and geeting cash, goods and favours for free.

In this case, a woman begged for more than £3,000 worth of favours. She wanted a photographic portfolio to help her find work as a dancer, reports The Sun. And she didn't have the money to come up with a new portfolio.

She used Facebook to ask professional photographers, studio managers and hair and make-up artists to work for free.

Surprisingly, even in this age of economic downturn, she got positive response.  And now she has a fantastic portfolio and she can look out for work.

She believes the social networking sites are best to solicit assistance for free as users can directly approach the professionals. And the worse that can happen is they would be turned away and no help would be forthcoming.





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