Mother-of-three now keen to become a 'father' soon

A transgender from Arizona who grabbed the headlines a few years ago for giving birth to a daughter and then two sons, plans to have more children with his new wife.

Thomas Beatie is officially the the world's first married man to give birth and is recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records for his achievement. Thomas was formerly Tracy Lagondino and underwent sex change to become a man.

He first gave birth to daughter Susan after becoming pregnant with the help of cryogenic donated sperm as his first wife, Nancy, was infertile. Thomas went on to have two sons, Austin and Jensen over the next two years.

Over the years his marriage broke down because of his wife's issues with alcohol, he reportedly told the Sunday Mirror. He retained the custody of his three children.

Thomas has moved on from his previous marriage and has a new lady love in his life and the new couple want to have their own kids. The couple plan to use the sperm of the same donor who helped Thomas become pregnant earlier as he prefers the children to be bonded by the same DNA.

Incidentally, the donor is a blonde Lithuanian and is 1.8m tall with a black belt in Taekwondo, says the daily.

This time round, Thomas' new lady love, Amber Nicholas is most likely to carry the couple's child as Thomas has undergone extensive physical changes for sex change and might not be able to deliver a child naturally even if he gets pregnant. However, he still retains some of the female reproductive organs, the daily was told.

Thomas is extremely pleased and he says that both he and Amber might try and get pregnant through artificial means, which would mean that both of them might be pregnant at the same time.

Thomas is also excited at the prospect of enjoying the forthcoming pregnancy as a father.

The only dark cloud on Thomas' horizon is the thought that his kids might get bullied in school and be discriminated by the society, however, he is hopeful that the society will be more acceptable of men having babies in the coming decades.

Watch this space for more updates.


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