Mum gifts plastic surgery to daughter, 8

BRITAIN: This novel mother is back in news. This time, for gifting her daughter 8,000 pounds worth of cosmetic surgery vouchers for her little girl's eighth birthday.

Sarah Burge believes it’s perfectly OK to introduce her daughter to the world of Botox, facelifts, nose and boob job, reveals UK daily Mirror.

Poppy, the prospective recipient of this gift next month, is so young that her front two teeth have yet to come through, however, her mother has other plans for her.

In the last two decades, Sarah has Sarah has splurged more than £250,000 on her own cosmetic procedures. She wants to give her daughter the best she can so that she can grow up to be 'just like her', said the daily.

The 51-year-old former nurse runs her own cosmetic surgery clinic and is known for throwing her home open for Botox parties. She believes she is invsting in her daughter's future and will continue to buy vouchers for every birthday and Christmas and will hand them over to her daughter when she turns 18.


Stranger throws woman on to train tracks

LONDON: In a shocking incident, a video clip shows the exacts moment a woman was pushed onto the train tracks of London's Underground Tube.

The British Transport Police released the CCTV footage where a 23-year-old woman can be seen walking through Leicester Square Station, reports The Sun.

Suddenly, a man walking the other way comes and shoves her on to the tracks. The woman lands barely inches awat from the live rail, even as the attacker coolly walks away.

The woman's boyfriend tries to stop the man who assaulted the girl, but the attacker manages to escape. Those standing by helped the woman make her way back to the platform. She was admitted into a hospital with a side wound.

The attack took place in September last year and has been highlighted in a BBC documentary 'The Tube'.

The attacker is still at large.


Husband's call foils wife-lover's suicide act

MUMBAI: A husband made a phone call to his wife in the nick of time. The wife and her lover were about to commit a double suicide when the phonecall changed their fate.

A former bar dancer and a musician were involved in an extra marital affair, reports Mid-Day.

The duo decided to end their lives as they did not think they had a future together. As the couple were spending the last afternoon in the woman's house together, the husband called his wife.

The man panicked, thinking the husband had discovered his presence in the house, and slashed the woman's neck with a knife and ran away from the scene only to slash himself in the bathroom in his own house.

The woman told her neighbours that a robber had entered her home, however, the police found two diaries and two identical suicide notes, which revealed the hidden affair to the world, said the daily.

It also mentioned the details of the lurid affair and at which locations it was conducted. The authorities are waiting for the duo to recover before questioning the claim made in the notes.

The woman fell in love with the married man two years ago. They were caught red-handed by the woman's husband a few days back. The woman's lover, who is also married, convinced her to commit suicide with him.

The man has been charged to attempted murder and suicide.


Sore point: Mothers-in-law top causes of arguments

BRITAIN: Finally, there's proof that mothers-in-law are one of the most common causes of flare ups between couples. A survey in Britain has recently found that couples bicker the most about each other's relations.

While the survey polled 2,000 British citizens, the results could be similar if conducted on a global basis. After all, mothers-in-law are a universal phenomenon.

Researchers have found out that women also turn on the waterworks as a result of being burdened with too many hosuehold chores. Lack of savings also cause couple to fall out with each other, reports Daily Mail.

However, the survey also found that men give in more easily to maintain peace and harmony at home. They are also quick to apologise.

Interestingly, the survey found that on an average, women win three in five arguments, with two in five prepared to cry in order to get their own way. 

The study was conducted by electronics firm Philips.   


Woman's mouth impaled by 3cm-long nail

SINGAPORE: While a woman was happing polishing off a slice of carrot cake, suddenly she found her mouth pierced by a 3cm-long sharp object.

A reader wrote into citizen journalism website Stomp to share the shocking incident.

The incident occured at a coffee shop. When the woman complained of a sharp pain inside her mouth, her husband saw that a nail-like object was poking from the upper palette of her mouth.

The couple filed a complaint with the food and safety authority in Singapore.

The wife was told by a doctor that the accident could have been 'siastrous' if the object would have entered her food pipe and poked it.


Mother drowns two daughters, 5 and 1

LOS ANGELES: A woman has been charged with drowning two daughters aged 5 and 1.

While the 5-year-old remains critical on life support, the toddler lost her battle with life last week.

The father of the daughters plans to end the measure that are keeping her alive, reports Los Angeles Times. He plans to donate her organs after taking her off life support. 

The father told the LAPD that he came back home to find his wife attempting to drown both their daughters. By the time, their emergency call was responded to, the girls were unconscious in the bath tub.

The 32-year-old woman, if convicted, is likely to face 50 years in prison.


Robbing hood declared a hero

POLAND: A mystery swindler who committed fraud of more than £1 million from a bank in Poland, has been crowned a hero on Facebook.

The man loaded blank banknote-sized slips of paper into a night safe, crediting a bogus account with 1.5 million euros. His action was caught by the CCTV cameras in the ATM cubicle.

The very next morning, he successfully withdrew the same amount in cash in the local currency.

The police released the image of the man, expecting common man's help but their plans backfired when the swindler was hailed as a hero for getting better of the greedy bankers, which they blame for the economic crisis.

The sweindler has amassed a lot of fans on Facebook. While one fan commented: "A big round of applause to you, sir. Well done."

Another said: "That's brilliant. This man is my idol." While someone calling themselves 'minetam' added: "Hooray for this guy."


'World's shortest man' to be measured in Nepal

KATHMANDU: A 72-year-old man from a remote valley in southwestern Nepal was preparing Sunday to be measured by Guinness World Records experts investigating his claim to be the shortest man ever recorded.

Chandra Bahadur Dangi, who claims to stand just 56 centimetres (22 inches) tall, was in high spirits as he looked forward to a third and final measurement.

"They have already measured me twice yesterday. They didn't tell me what height they recorded but everyone is sure of my height and I'm confident I'm going to get the record," Dangi told AFP through an interpreter.

If his height is verified, Dangi will take the world's shortest man title from Filipino Junrey Balawing, who measures 59.93 cm.

He will also be declared the shortest human adult ever documented, taking the accolade from India's Gul Mohammed, who was measured at 57 cm before he died in 1997 aged 40.

Dangi, who weighs 12 kilogrammes (26.5 pounds), was brought to the attention of the world three weeks ago after Nepali researchers looking into the history of the Dangi people were introduced to him.

The pensioner, who earns a living weaving jute headbands, has only ever left his village in poverty-stricken Dang district 350 kilometres (220 miles) from Kathmandu a handful of times, and is in the Nepali capital for the first time.

Another Nepali, Khagendra Thapa Magar, claimed the title in 2010 after being measured at 67 cm.

Magar's stint as the world's shortest man saw him travel to more than a dozen countries and make television appearances in Europe and the United States.

He was also the official face of Nepal's tourism campaign, which featured him as the smallest man in a country that is home to the world's highest peak, Mount Everest.

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