Mum kills baby... 'live' online

CHINA: In a horrific incident, a mother of a 10-month-old son allegedly strangled him at home. To make matters worse, she even broadcast her actions live on the internet from China, reports NY Post.

Once the young woman realised that her son was beyond saving, she called an ambulance for her son and surrendered herself to the police.

The mother is in police custody.


A bite of chocolate could kill girl, 5

BRITAIN: A five-year-old girl in Britain cannot eat even a bite of a chocolate as the treat could even kill her. The little girl sufferes from a rare condition Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease, reveals The Sun.

Those suffering from the disease cannot afford to have the potassium levels in the bodies going up. Therefore, taking even a bit of the sweet treat could turn fatal for her.

The little girl does not understand why chocolate is forbidden for her and she often cries when she doesn't get it. She is currently on the waiting list for organ transplant. She is on a special die of sausages, toast and pasta till she undergoes treatment.

Her sister too suffered from the same syndrome and now she can eat anything to her heart's content after undergoing double organ transplant.


Teenager killed for stealing coconut

INDIA: Little did a 14-year-old know that he would have to pay with his life for picking up a coconut that was lying on the road.

The teenager was strangled to death by his neighbour for daring to steal the coconut which had fallen off his tree on to the road, reports The Times of India.

The incident occurred in the Indian state of west Bengal when the owner of the coconut palm, saw the student picking up the fruit of his tree on his way back home after attending tuition class.

The neighbour beat the boy black and blue and even tried to strangle him. The boy was taken to a nearby hospital but he succumbed to his injuries.

The neighbour was arrested for brutal murder of the teenager and incensed neighbours even stromed his home and set alight some of his hosuehold items till the police intervened and calmed the neighbours.

Girl, 3, has three kidneys

SINGAPORE: A father of a three-year-old panicked when he found bloodstains on his daughter's diaper. He rushed the little girl to the doctor where test results shocked everyone involved.

The little girl has not two but three kidneys, reports a Singapore-based website.

This was yet another complication in the little one's life for she was born with congenital scoliosis, where a normally straight spine is curved, forming an “S” shape. The condition is generally associated with other organ defects, the website informs.

The girl has had a rought life so far and has already been through five surgeries.


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