Newborn's body in river; mouth sealed

Tamil Nadu: A newborn baby’s body was found in Cauvery river.

The infant’s mouth was sealed with a tape, a NDTV report quoted police sources as saying.

Investigations are on to find those responsible for the murder.

Police, meanwhile, buried the body.

The state has a Cradle Baby scheme in several hospitals where parents can abandon their unwanted babies.

Man in police custody accused of rape

New Delhi: Police officials are baffled as a man in custody is accused of raping a woman, according to a complaint filed.

The suspect, wanted in 21 cases of robberies, was arrested by the crime branch and was in their custody at the said time when the victim claims she was sexually assaulted by him, reported ToI.

The 25-year-old was arrested on Tuesday at 8pm and the woman claims she was raped at 11pm that night.

In her complaint, she said that he molested her after waylaying her near her house.

Police are investigating various angles, including that of a mistaken identity.

Bollywood film inspires gang to loot 15kg gold

Mumbai: A group of men inspired by a Bollywood movie ‘Special26’, looted a gold loan firm in Nashik  and fled with 15kilos of gold.

Police nabbed all 10 of them in a couple of days, reported MidDay.

The arrest materialized when five among them were arrested in another theft case and during interrogations cops discovered they were a part of a major heist.

One of them confessed that their partner wanted to settle down in life and thought of the movie and mimicked the scenes to make a huge sum.

So they pretended to be cops and entered the firm with two men in handcuffs. They told the employees that the men in handcuffs had stolen some gold and in exchange for the ‘stolen booty’, had taken money from the company. They demanded the gold back from the firm.

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