Nose job: $1.2m in French perfume stolen

Fragrant bounty found unused; thieves still at large

French police say 1 million euro ($1.2 million) worth of Givenchy perfume has been recovered after it was stolen by masked thieves from a warehouse in the middle of the night.
The scented bounty was taken a week ago from Beauvais, near Paris, and was discovered on Tuesday, according to local police official Jean-Marie Salsat.
Salsat, who revealed details of the perfume heist Friday, said the bottles were found unused, with the stoppers still in.
The Sipa news agency, quoting unnamed police sources, reports that several robbers had overpowered a perfume warehouse night watchman. They later loaded trucks with the fragrances produced by the French house Givenchy, part of fashion giant LVMH.
The thieves are still at large.

(Image courtesy Shutterstock)

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