Nosy neighbours call dad on daughter’s lover

Father shoots young man to start full-scale war between families

A 21-year old Egyptian identified as MS was shot dead by the father of lover, when he found them naked in the bedroom.

The woman in question, identified as Hala, a nurse, is married.

According to a report in Al Masry Al Youm, the killing escalated in to a full-scale war between the two families, with the victim’s families setting fire to the father’s properties.

The police have since arrested the killer who has admitted that he received a call from his neighbors saying that a young man used to visit his daughter when her husband was not at home.

He rushed home, found the two together and shot the lover in his head.

Hubby dies knowing best friend is wife’s lover

A love triangle ended in tragedy for one of the persons involved and has led the Egyptian police to finally identify the body of a 42-year old man killed and dumped in a remote desert area.

According to a report in Al Youm Al Sabea’a, the victim, his close friend and his wife were involved in a tragic set of circumstances, at least for him.

The close friend was involved in an illicit relationship with the wife.

The two then plotted to kill the man.

The wife asked the husband to take her out for dinner and suggested he invite the friend.

Once the three were together the wife and friend made the husband drink lots of beer and drove to a lonely place, where the lover then shot him in the head.

The police arrested the killer and the wife who both admitted to the crime.

3 sisters drown in Nile

Three Egyptians sisters drowned in the Nile after they went in for a swim to beat the heat.

According to the Al Youm Al Sabea’a newspaper, the current of the Nile was too strong for them.

The grandfather of the sisters was the only one who was able to talk about the incident as the parents were reeling from the shock of losing their three daughters.

The eldest was 13 and the youngest 10.


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