One fifth of UK drivers spotted ghosts in the dark

Photo: Bang

According to a survey from breakdown cover provider Green Flag, 18 per cent of drivers have come across a spooky spectre while behind the wheel at night time.

With Halloween approaching on Wednesday, it appears many people - almost a quarter - get scared on this date, while 13 per cent vvoid is altogether due to superstitions.

The company predicted a 10 per cent increase in breakdowns in the leading up to the spooky date compared to the previous week.

Damon Jowett, head of service delivery at Green Flag, said: "The roads can be a very dangerous and scary place when travelling in the dark. As the clocks go back, and in the run up to Halloween, our research has revealed the things that give drivers the spooks.

"As ever, Green Flag will continue to work tirelessly to support its customers this Halloween, to ensure that party-goers can enjoy their time with family and friends, as care-free as possible."

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