Passengers find... cat instead of their baggage

Incoming passengers waiting impatiently for their bags at the luggage claim area at Kuwait’s international airport were surprised to see that the first item to pop out was a cat-- the first such incident at the airport.

The cat was lying quietly as it rolled out of the baggage opening, looking nonchalantly at the surprised passengers staring at the ginger pet.

The cat was apparently not scared by the new surroundings and made no move to jump off despite the noise and large crowds at the airport terminal.

“It kept lying there calmly until it rolled back in…a passenger phoned the airport security, who came and seized the cat,” Alanba daily said.

It quoted an airport official as saying the cat could have been smuggled by a passenger and that it broke loose as they left the aircraft. He said it was the first incident of its kind as pets are strictly banned inside the airport.

“We are keeping the cat in case its owner comes and claim it…when our men captured it, it was clear from its behaviour that the cat is used to humans.”

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