Pet tiger reminds Kuwaiti not to show off…..

Keeping tigers pets popular in Kuwait

A Kuwait man who wanted to show off that he was not scared of tigers ended up jumping away like a frightened deer just as the tiger slightly moved its head.

A brief YouTube film showed the man was in a good mood as he sat close to an apparently tamed tiger for a photograph.

As he began to laugh and boast to friends that he had the guts to be so close to the tiger, the predator slightly shook its head with irritation At that moment, the man panicked, instantly stood up and jumped over the wooden rail before falling down on the floor amidst laughter by friends and the tiger’s owners.

Keeping tigers and other predators as pets is a popular practice in oil-producing Kuwait, one of the richest nations.

Woman aborts maid’s attempt to murder little son

An Indonesian housemaid tried to murder a little Saudi boy by poisoning him with pesticide but his mother saved him when she noticed the poison in his milk just before he gulped it, a newspaper reported on Monday.

The woman had already prepared dinner for her son just before his return from school in the northwestern town of Tabuk, Sabq Arabic language daily said.

When she went to the kitchen to ask her son if he wants anything else, she noticed powder in his cup of milk and instantly shouted to him not to drink it.

The woman phoned the police who arrested the maid after she confessed to have tried to kill the 10-year-old boy because she hated him.

“The maid said she mixed the milk with pesticide but did not have time to stir the milk enough…she said she wanted to kill the boy because she hated him for keeping smacking her,” the paper said.

Teen girl accidentally killed by brother

A 12-year-old Saudi girl was killed when her brother shot her accidentally while playing with his father’s gun at their house in the Gulf Kingdom.

The girl was rushed to hospital and doctors raced against time to save her life but she died later, Sabq newspaper reported.

Her 17-year brother did not know the gun was loaded when he sneaked into his father’s room and got the weapon to play with it.

Police visited the boy’s house in the northwestern town of Tabuk to investigate the incident, the paper said, adding they are still questioning the boy and the father.

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