Pregnant woman groped during flight

A Chicago man is accused of groping a pregnant woman and refusing to follow crew instructions on a JetBlue flight, prompting the plane to make an emergency landing in Denver.
The US Attorney's Office in Denver said Tuesday that Marcus Covington has been charged with interfering with the duties of a flight crew and flight attendant.
Authorities allege the 32-year-old was intoxicated and groped the pregnant woman as he waited for the bathroom while on the New York-bound flight from Los Angeles late Sunday.
Federal prosecutors say Covington refused a flight attendant's request to stay seated, prompting an FBI agent traveling on the plane to intervene. Covington sat between the agent and another passenger until the plane landed.
Covington is in custody and doesn't have a lawyer yet.

Babysitter found topless in parking lot

A central Florida babysitter is behind bars after police found her topless and incoherent in a hotel parking lot.
Melbourne police were investigating calls that a child was alone Thursday night. They found the 5-year-old boy playing video games with the hotel staff. He said his mother had gone to the casino and left him with a babysitter.
Police found 47-year-old Stacey Kerres lying topless in the middle of the parking lot and said she appeared lethargic and incoherent as she struggled to talk. According to police reports, she told officers she didn't know where the child was.
Florida Today reports Kerres was charged with child neglect.
The Department of Children and Families is investigating. No attorney was listed for Kerres.

Man stabs girlfriend's parrot with fork

An Everett man has been arrested for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend's parrot to death with a serving fork.
The Daily Herald reports court documents show police found the parrot's body and the fork at the couple's home after the girlfriend called 911.
The woman reportedly told police that the man had been upset with her about a plan to have dinner with friends.
She says she went to the store, and returned to find the house trashed and the parrot dead on the floor, apparently from a stabbing.
Officers reportedly found bloody footprints leading into the bathroom, where evidence indicated that someone apparently had cleaned and bandaged wounds. The man was found asleep in a downstairs bedroom.

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