Pretty woman with 'cute figure' scanned thrice at airport

Procedure repeated to feed interest generated among male employees scanning images

TEXAS: Women with graceful figures beware at Dallas Internatiopnal airport. A woman who was travelling with her husband was recently scanned thrice at an airport as she had a 'cute' figure.

Now, it is well known that the airport staff who view the scanned images get to see a detailed image of the naked body, from a back room.

The woman had to undergo the procedure repeatedly simply due to the interest that was generate among the male employees who were scanning the figures of passengers.

The selection of the woman was at random and it left the lady exposed and exploited.

According to CBS 11, one of the female employees asked her if she played tennis She said no and asked why she was being asked this question. "You just have such a cute figure," the Daily Mail quoted the airport worker as saying.

The passenger reportedly also heard the female employee say into her microphone "guys, it is not blurry, I'm letting her go." The woman feels she was sexually harrassed as all the passengers were not screened the same way.

Passengers were outraged and after a terrible hue and cry, the scanning machines were replaced by others that did not focus on the privacy of a passenger.

“My husband gave my phone number to his friends”

A woman in Kuwait walked into a police station and told them she wanted to report her husband. Police had expected a maltreatment case but were shocked when she told them he was giving her mobile phone number to his friends.

The woman, a bedoun (without nationality), said she had left her husband and returned to her family’s house because of this behavior.

The Arabic language daily Alanba said the woman, in her 20s, asked police to arrest her husband to stop him from distributing her number to more friends.

“She said her husband was providing her mobile phone number to all his friends because he wanted them to know her,” the paper said.

Fancy a gourmet meal inside a prison?

BRITAIN: A gourmet restaurant will soon come up in an unlikely location - inside a prison in Britain.

This offbeat concept in Sutton, Surrey, called Clink, will offer a three-course meal for less than 20 pounds, reports Welsh Online.

The diners at this exclusive retaurant inside the walls of High Down Prison will be served by inmates.

At this restaurant, potential diners will have to do more than just book a table of their choice. They will need Home Office clearance before they can get a confirmed booking at HMP Cardiff.

Once they cross that hurdle, going into the prison to have the three-course meal will not be a cakewalk. It would involve handing over valuables, giving in to a complete body search and passing through several steel doors before getting an entry into the restaurant.

This project is designed to rehabilitate criminals and those who are trained during the project as fully-trained chefs and waiters would also received certificates.

Clink is the concept Alberto Crisci, an award-winning chef who previously worked at Marco Pierre White’s Mirabelle Restaurant in Mayfair, London.


Woman heads to trial for stealing $2 pumpkin

ALBUQUERQUE: A 23-year-old college student from New Mexico is scheduled to go to trial for allegedly stealing a small pumpkin worth two dollars.

KOAT-TV in Albuquerque, N.M., reports that Lauren Medina will go before a jury and Moriarity Magistrate Judge Steve Jones on Tuesday. She is accused of taking the pumpkin in October 2011 from McCall's Pumpkin Patch in Moriarty.

Her sister, Annette Atencio, says Medina spent $75 on food that day but forgot to pay for the pumpkin she picked up as she was leaving. Atencio says her sister offered to pay but was refused and then handcuffed.

Atencio says she's in disbelief that the theft charge against her sister was not dropped.

She says her sister could have pleaded guilty and be given probation, but refused.


Novel names of people... Mobile, radio, computer

PAKISTAN: This is certainly a case of 'what's in a name?'

Poeple living in Pakistan's Kalash Valley do not need to think deep and long before naming their children. After all, they name their kids after household items, reported the country's daily Dawn.

Sometimes kids are named after instruments and tools and sometimes they are even named after regular things like bucket, glass and cooker. Some of the more bizarre names that go around in the valley are Number-One, Mobile, Radio, Cassette and Akhbaar (newspaper).




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