Sacked man gets drunk and… naked

A Bangladeshi man who was sacked from work celebrated the loss his own way. He went back straight home and gulped a whole bottle of liquor.

As darkness fell, he put on his wizar (waist dress) and went out for a walk, which later turned into a singing and dancing stunt.

“He was swaying, dancing and signing on the road, wearing only his wizar…many people gathered around him to watch what he is doing,” the Kuwaiti Alwatan Arabic language daily said.

“When they started to clap, he was encouraged and became so bold that he took off the wizar and began swaying and waving his wizar…police later arrived in the scene but the drunk man and the crowd managed to flee when they heard the car sirens.”

Dog dials Egyptian TV presenter

A well known Egyptian TV presenter picked the phone during a live show about the current political situation in his country and a non-human voice came through.

Amr Adib kept saying “hello” but the one on the other line kept barking. He then realised that the caller was a dog.

“Adib was quick in realizing the joke from some one who does not like him…so he said ‘it’s the first time I know we have viewers of this type.”

Egyptian newspapers said Adib, one of the most controversial TV presenters in the most populated Arab country, triggered anger this week when he attacked Islamists following the election of president Mohammed Morsi, an Islamist.

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