Saudi cop to be lashed for having six wives

A Saudi court ordered the flogging of a member of the Gulf kingdom’s feared Islamic police 120 times and banned him from leaving the country for five years after he was found to have six wives at the same time.

The court in the southern province of Jazan also stopped the man’s salary for one month and banned him from preaching at any mosque.

Members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, the Kingdom’s most influential law enforcing body, arrested their colleague after reports that he has six wives, in violation of Islamic law which allows a man to have a maximum four wives at a time.

According to the Arabic language daily Kabar, his colleagues discovered that he had three Saudi wives, one expatriate and two foreign spouses who reside illegally in the world’s dominant oil power and largest Arab economy.

The judge also sentenced the unnamed man to six weeks in jail and fined him SR3,000 ($800), the paper said.

“The judge banned him from travelling outside Saudi Arabia for five years and ordered him lashed 120 times in three sessions…each session includes 40 lashes and should be done every 15 days,” it said.

Bizarre: Website puts baby on sale for organs

An advertisement on the website to sell a "beautiful baby" for its organs has caused anger and annoyance on social networking sites.

Pranaamindia reports, the advertisement said: "Beautiful Baby On Sale For Organs... What You Need Is Urgent!"

The message was soon uploaded on Twitter MercadoLibre, a company that does online buying and selling, later said "was taken down immediately and the user was eliminated from the community, because such a message is not permitted on the portal".

Users of the social network condemned the offer with tweets like "sickie sells baby and its organs on MercadoLibre" and "They can't do this! It's outrageous!" and "the filthiest of society sells baby on MercadoLibre"

The online company said its conditions establish that "the offer and/or sale of persons, human bodies, corpses, organs, human members or remains are prohibited".

Fake  'Louis Vuitton' condoms are in thing

Fake 'Louis Vuitton' (LV) fashionable protection are out in the market.

Artist Irakli Kiziria is behind devicing the idea. This fake LV condom might cost little hefty at $68.

of course one can use it for whatever reason they are used, there's no contention to that fact.

They come in brown packaging very similar to the brand’s instantly recognisable look.

These Louis Vuitton-inspired condoms are not expected to be available in stores any time soon.

Hopefully, fashion-conscious lovers will be able to spot a fake when they see one.

Kiziria, who is reported to not have any affiliation with Louis Vuitton, drafted the condoms in collaboration with Design Provocation as a project.

It is claimed that his team hoped to launch the product on World AIDS Day and donate the proceeds to The Foundation For AIDS Research, reports Mirror.

Scuba divers invite sharks to tea party

As if swimming along-side giant whales and sharks was not enough now brave scuba divers had tea with sharks lurking all over them.

These divers were seated at the underwater table in a tank filled with sharks.

This was during the launch of a new display at the Sea Life London Aquarium. The stunts performed by the divers aimed at putting and end to myths about the beautiful creature being a blood thirsty sea monster.

They wanted to challenge the terrible - and undeserved - reputation sharks have as bloodthirsty killers.

So they thought of inviting them over tea and the sharks also responded well.

A five-metre long glass walkway allows visitors to see the creatures swim inches beneath their feet, reports Mirror.

Other creatures who'll be attending the tea party are Black Tip Reef Sharks, Nurse Sharks, Brown Sharks, Sand Tiger Sharks, a Zebra Shark and a Bowmouth Guitar Shark.

Teenager addicted to eating plastic

A US teenager says that she has consumed more than 60,000 plastic goods in the past 11 years, and would even prefer it over food.

TLC show 'My Strange Addiction' has shown people being addicted to everything from corn starch to sleeping with hairdryers.

But the new series, which starts this weekend, promises its most bizarre subjects yet.

18-year-old Kailyn, from California, can be seen crunching on a variety of items in one of the show's trailers, ranging from water bottles to CD cases.

She has consumed 12 remotes, over 5,000 beads, over 1,000 cocktail swords, 100 forks, about ten water bottles, two pacifiers, three CD cases, about 50 hangers, about 25 plastic lids on to-go cups.

She explains she likes plastic and feels the need of it not just becasue of the taste as much as the texture.

The plastic items she snacks on most often, are cocktail swords, which she finds in the restaurant where she works.

Putin gets a drink fit for dinosaurs

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin received a drink fit for dinosaurs on Friday.

Reuters reports this was when he received a present with a sample of ancient water from a sub-glacial Antarctic lake pierced by Russian scientists.

Russian scientists said this week they had drilled through Antarctica's frozen crust to the vast Lake Vostok, which has lain untouched for at least 14 million years hiding what scientists believe may be unknown organisms and clues to life on other planets.  

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