Saudi men 'sleeping' with ex-wives

A Saudi official is proposing a law to protect the rights of divorced local women, saying many Saudi husbands continued to sleep with their ex-wives after divorce without telling them they have been divorced.

Talal al Bakri, a member of Shura council (appointed parliament) said the new law is needed because of a sharp increase in divorce cases in the Gulf kingdom, the largest Arab economy with a population of more than 27 million.

“I will remain one of the strongest advocates of a law that will safeguard the rights of divorced Saudi women, including alimony, child custody and other things,” he told the Saudi Arabic language daily 'Sabq'.

“This law has also become necessary given the fact that many men divorce their wives without telling them while they continue to sleep with them for months….this is not fair because since marriage is completed with the consent of the two, divorce should also be completed in the presence of the two…I am vehemently against divorce in the wife’s absence.”

Bakri said the Shura had already approved a recommendation urging the competent Saudi authorities to enact laws to organize divorces in the country.

Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil exporter, has one of the highest divorce rates in the world, with an average one divorce cases every half an hour in 2010.

Official data showed the Kingdom recorded 18,765 divorces during 2010, a rate of more than 35 per cent of the marriages.

Traumatised at school; boy, 6, dies

INDIA: A six-year-old kindergarter was locked up in a dark room for not doing his homework in the Indian city of Karnal. The teacher forgot all about him and went off home after the school was dismissed, leaving him in the dark.

The traumatised child's brother went looking for him when he could not find him. Finally, he found him in the dark room lying in an unconscious state, rpeorts NDTV.

The little boy's condition deteriorated and he passed away. The incident had occured on December 27 and when the family complained to the school principal, he had promised to look into the matter and take action.

A police case has been registered against the school administration and the teacher.

 Girl, 13, gets contraceptive implant at school

BRITAIN: A 13-year-old girl felt like 'having sex' with her boyfriend and hence got a contraceptive implant fitted at school without her parent’s consent.

There was a major hue and cry followingt he girl's statement and the government's strategy to cut down on teen pregnancies has also been in the focus, reports Express.

People were horrified to find that the mother of the teenager was proud of her daughter but uspet with the school for carrying out the procedure without her knowledge.

MP Nadine Dorries told the daily: “It’s a sad indictment of our society today that a mother is more concerned about a school not informing her that a 'minor surgical procedure' had been carried out on her daughter without her knowledge, than the fact that her daughter is having under age illegal sex at the age of 13.

Sex under the age of 16 is illegal in the UK.

Judge goes soft on rapists of ‘willing’ victim, 11

BRITAIN: A judge read out a lenient sentence to two 21-year-old rapists because he thought the 11-year-old rape victim was a 'willing' participant, despite her tender age.

The horrific act was filmed as the duo attacked the girl. Despite the video evidence, the judge said "despite her age it is accepted she was a willing participant," reports The Sun.

The couple told the judge that the girl looked like a 14-year-old and the judge agreed with the rapists.

Crown lawyers are thinking over appealing against the 40-month jail term handed out to the rapists.

Yvonne Traynor, chief executive of the Rape Crisis charity, told the daily the sentences were "among the worst" she had ever heard.

 HIV-positive cabbie rapes and robs passengers

THAILAND: A 43-year-old cab driver has admitted to raping and robbing his passengers.

When the police searched his cab, they recovered nine national identity cards and 22 SIM cards that belonged to his victims, reports Asia One.

He would sometimes trick his passengers into helping him withdraw cash from an ATM. He would stay back in the cab with a promise to wait and then he would disappear with his passengers' belongings.

The man confessed that he had raped many passengers aged between 18 and 22 years. He had also robbed or stolen items from other passengers.

Dad collapses after ten bites from most venomous spider

BRITAIN: A yound man thought he was stung by bee when he collapsed suddenly while out shopping with his wife and toddler.

The 31-year-old was actually bitten 10 times by the UK's most venomous spider, reports The Sun.

Doctors at the hospital found ten 50p size welts on his body. The false widow spider could have fallen on him from a nearby bush.

NYC apartment sells for $88 million 

NEW YORK: The family of a Russian billionaire has bought a New York City penthouse apartment for $88 million.

The Wall Street Journal says the property on Central Park West in Manhattan is now the most expensive apartment in New York.

The seller was Sanford I. Weill, the former head of Citigroup Inc. It was bought by a trust for the daughter of Dmitry Rybolovlev.

Features of the apartment include a wraparound terrace.

The Journal says the sale generated nearly $2.5 million in city and state taxes.

The brokers' commission: about $3.5 million.

The deal closed on Wednesday.

Weill previously said he plans to donate the proceeds of the sale to charity.

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