Star Wars fans try flying to fictional planet

Photo: Bang

'Star Wars' fans have been trying to find flights to take them to the fictional planet of Ahch-to from the latest movie 'The Last Jedi'. has found the British public are desperately searching for the fictional land, which doesn't exist, as they have noticed hundreds of people have searched for the fictional planet where exiled Jedi Master Luke Skywalker lives in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'.

The real location is Skellig Michael in the southern coast of Ireland, but Stephen Davis - who works at the flight booking site - has admitted he cannot take passengers to Ahch-to but offers flights to the real-life island where the movie is filmed instead.

He said: "'Star Wars' continues to influence holidaymakers to plan trips that are truly out of this world.

"It's clear The Force is strong with the latest episode, with Brits keen to fly to Luke Skywalker's home to learn the ways of the Jedi first hand.

"Although we can't fly you to Ahch-to, we have plenty of flights to the southern coast of Ireland, where the picturesque filming location Luke calls home is situated."