Teacher held for raping 12-year-old student

Arrested for sex with a minor

A teacher of a government school has been arrested for allegedly raping a minor student in March.

The 12-year-student from Madhya Pradesh, India, said the tutor threatened to kill her if she revealed about the incident to anyone, reported Mid-Day.

Mom fractures baby's skull

A mother has been charged with felony child abuse for endangering the life of her 11-month old baby boy several times over.

Family members who were watching the child noticed the infant was lethargic and rushed him to hospital when he would not wake up, reported NBCChicago.com. The hospital staff suspected child abuse.  

It was discovered that the child had multiple skull fractures. The mother said it could have happened when she pulled him out of the crib with force.

Similarly, the little one's foot had injury marks caused with pricking toothpicks.

A burn on his hand, meanwhile, was attributed to his touching a  portable heater.

Father rapes minor daughter 

A father raped his minor daughter at their home in Madhya Pradesh, India, and threatened to kill her if she divulged anything to her mother.

The victim's mother was at work when her husband went home drunk and sent their son out on some pretext before he molested the 13-year-old, reported 'Times of India'.

However, the girl told her mother about the threat and revealed that he had been molesting her since long.

Mother throws 11-month-old baby from terrace 

A mother in Ghaziabad, India, threw her 11-month-old baby from the terrace of her house, reported Mid-Day.

The child died on the spot after it was hurled down from the second-floor apartment. The reason for the act is not revealed. 

Woman delivers on road, dies  

A woman in her mid-20s gave birth to a baby on the road and bled to death, while the newborn in critical. Amid this the woman's two other minor children have been lost.

Locals say the woman appeared before a shop in Bangalore, India, in the morning along with two kids aged below four years and went into labour.

As the older kids kept onlookers at bay, the mother delivered the baby helped herself up and began walking. A little later when she collapsed, passersby rushed her to a nearby hospital where the doctors cut the umbilical cord of the newborn, reported 'Times of India'.

Finding her critical, doctors there referred her to another hospital but she was declared dead upon arrival there. The newborn is battling for its life in the neo-natal intensive care unit.

Meanwhile, the two children who accompanied the woman have disappeared. Locals say she was abandoned by her husband and was living with her sister.

Doctors are waiting for any blood relative to come forward to help treat the child.



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