Teen rapes 77-year-old pensioner in her home

A 77-year-old pensioner was raped by a teenager in her home in Britain's Oxfordshire in November last year.

The elderly lady let the boy into her home after the boy asked her to allow him to enter to talk about the war, reports The Sun.

The lady managed to set off an alarm and the boy fled the scene when a voice came through an intercom. The judge called it a 'revolting sexual attack on a vulnerable 77-year-old woman living in her own home'.

The 14-year-old has pleaded guilty to one account of rape. He was seen weeping intermittently in court. The elderly lady was also present in the court with her family members for the hearing. However, thankfully they were seated in an area where they could not see the offender.

The boy has allegedly been a victim of child abuse throughout his childhood. His father was a sex offender and his mother has had a series of relationships with men who were also held by authorities for sexual abuse at one point or the other.

The child was sexually abused by his mother's partners.

The judge also said that his parents were largely responsible for the kind of person he has turned out to be. He will be kept behind bars for at least two years before he would be considered for release. He has served about two months in jail so far.




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