Three-day old goat produces milk

Owner thought milk on straw in farm was from adult sheep

A baby goat produced milk just three days after it was born and its owner said it was the first case he had ever seen, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

The owner had thought the milk spilt on the straw in his farm was from an adult sheep but was shocked to see that it was oozing from the baby goat.

“I have a long experience in breeding goats, sheep, and camels and I can assure you that this is the first case I have ever seen in my life,” he told the Saudi Arabic language daily Sabq at his farm in the western city of Qunfudah.

“I had first thought the milk was from another sheep but I found that it was oozing out of the baby goat. I tried to milk this goat and it did produce milk. This is a very rare phenomenon and could be the first in Saudi Arabia.”


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