Turtle taped to balloons floats over city

Firefighters were about to rescue it with a ladder truck when a gust of wind blew it to the ground

Humane Society officials in a Southern California city are trying to determine who duct-taped a turtle to a bunch of balloons and sent it soaring
Chanelle Wright told KGTV-TV Tuesday that she and her neighbours found the turtle taped to the green and blue balloons caught atop a eucalyptus tree in Oceanside on Sunday.
Wright said she called the Humane Society and Fire Department, who arrived about an hour later. Firefighters were about to rescue the turtle with a ladder truck when a gust of wind came and blew it to the ground.
Humane Society officials say they are keeping the turtle, which wasn't hurt, while they investigate.
Wright says she was horrified by the animal abuse and plans to adopt the turtle if no one claims it.

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