Woman injects waste water into ill child

Toxic liquid contained E.coli bacteria and the child contracted septicaemia

BRITAIN: A woman was caught injecting waste water into an ill child in a hospital in Kent. A CCTV camera recorded the 39-year-old woman pumping the toxic liquid into the little patient.

The waste water contained E.coli bacteria and the child contracted septicaemia. However, the doctors were able to save her, reports Daily Mail

In a surprise move, the judge gave out a lenient sentence to the woman is was depressed and a chronic alcoholic. The woman was not only spared jail but also told that she needed help.

After reading out the surprising verdict, the judge at the Maidstone Crown Court said that the little child survived even though there was a real chance of her not making it. However, the woman felt that the accused needed rehabilitation more than jail.

The judge further defended his decision by saying that he has to consider the need for the protection of the public and the need for rehabilitation.


Preggie lady shot, set on fire... survives

US: In a horrible incident, a pregnant woman who is a resident of Michigan was kidnapped, shot and set ablaze has actually survived the ordeal and her unborn baby is also not harmed.

The nine-month old pregnant woman was dropping off the father of her baby at his residence in Detroit when she was attacked from behind, gagged, hands and feet were tied and taken to an isolated spot.

The woman's attackers doused her with petrol and set her on fire. Her presence of mind saved her life as she rolled on the ground to put the fire off even as her attackers shot her twice at her back. However, she was lucky that the bullets missed her. The attackers panicked and fled the scene.

The woman managed to free herself and reach the nearest gas station. She called her mother from there.

An ultrasound check later showed that no harm was done to the baby.

Meanwhile, police arrested the woman's ex-boyfriend along with another man, according to Detroit Free Press report.


Woman 'savagely raped' after being thrown off night bus

BRITAIN: A 22-year-old student was dragged into a park in Nottingham and 'savagely' raped by a man who had had a drink too many.

The woman was thrown off the last bus at 3am as she was 20p short of the £5 fare. The bus driver refused to wait for a couple of minutes while she withdrew some cash from the dispenser or waive off the deficit, reports Daily Mail.

After the bus left, the woman called her mother who offered to make a journey across town to pick her daughter up. The girl asked her mother to meet her at a point that was familiar to the mother.

The girl had barely walked down a few blocks after being turfed out, when she was attacked brutally by a 19-year-old drunkard and raped mercilessly in a park after dragging her by her neck and beating her ruthlessly.

The teenager then summoned help and pretended that he had simply come upon the semi-naked body of the woman.

The girl was raped near the place where she had asked her mother to meet her. When the mother saw her daughter, she was initially unable to recognise her hoven the severe injuries inflicted by the rapist.


Wife hires thugs to beat up 'too friendly' husband

SELANGOR: A suspicious wife hired goons to beat up her husband as she suspected her husband of having an extra marital affair. She allegedly saw him being 'too friendly' with a woman in a restaurant.

The 31-year-old husband was in the house when a few unknown men barged in and roughed him up, reports Asia One.

They told him that they had been hired by his wife to put a check on his amorous activities.

The man had to be hospitalised to get his injuries treated.

He denied having an affair with anyone.


Man kills parents over property dispute

INDIA: An aged couple were brutally killed by their 30 -year-old son in India. Both were hit with a spade and left for dead.

Justa few days ago, the parents had divided their property among their two sons. The younger son regularly fought with his parents claiming that the elder brother had recieved the lion's chunk in property.

Both brothers were married and living separately, reports The Times of India

On the day of the incident, the younger son went to meet his parents while he was in a drunken state. He spoke to them with disrespect. When the elder brother tried intervening, he got furious. He picked up the spade lying nearby and attacked his father. When the mother tried stopping him, he attacked her as well.

The younger brother fled from the scene and is absconding. The elder brother tried to revive his parents and gather help, but both died on the spot.


Female bodybuilder, 77, loves pumping iron

US: As an active 77-year old, Edith Wilma Connor enjoys doing step aerobics with her great-granddaughter. But pumping iron is the real passion of the oldest female competitive bodybuilder.

"When I'm getting ready for competition, I go as heavy as I can," said Connor, who was awarded the title by Guinness World Records. "To me it's fun to add another 25 pounds (11.3 kilograms) and do it."

Connor, who is based in Denver, Colorado, is a late bloomer who began to pursue fitness in her 60s, to counterbalance the sedentary work the data entry company she owned with her husband demanded.

"It was something I could do by myself, for myself," Connor explained. "It was a tension releaser. I sit at a computer all day, so it was one way for me to take it out on the weights instead of the employees."

On her 65th birthday she entered her first competition, the Grand Masters in Las Vegas, and won first place.

"At that point, I was hooked," said Connor who went on to become a certified personal trainer specialising in the mature body.

Her day starts with an aerobic or other warm up exercise followed by weight training. Typically for bodybuilders, all body parts are not trained during each session.

She works out at least three times a week and does not diet, preferring to follow the nutritional guidelines she developed over time for her body type.

"I allow myself a few pounds, until my clothes don't fit right, then it's got to come off," Connor said. "It's a mindset."

She lost her husband of 57 years two weeks after her last competition, in 2011.

"But he did get to see my Guinness certificate," said Connor, who is on the mend from shoulder surgery in November.

"I've started back," she said. "I started doing weights again in April. I'm still sticking with my body building, although right now I feel I won't do any competitions this year."

Connor has not retired. She still runs her data entry business and continues to coach fitness and nutrition to her five female clients, all over 50 years old.

She has body building equipment in her home, along with a treadmill and a stepper for cardio work.

"At my age, I still like to move. I'm not the sedentary type," she said. "(Bodybuilding) gave me a good way out. Something I can enjoy, something I can pass on. And I am passing it on."

She has three sons, seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

" My youngest son was my first trainer," Connor said. "Now my oldest grandson (also a certified personal trainer) is my trainer and my great-granddaughter works out with me."

She said winning the title of oldest female competitive body builder "made her day," and relishes the attention her unusual hobby-age combination attracts.

"At the gym one day I was with my trainer, who was putting the plates on (adding weights to the equipment) when a guy said to him, 'Red, can you handle that?'" she said.

"The trainer told him, 'Oh, it's not for me, it's for her.'" she added. "It was a lot of fun."  (REUTERS)










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