Woman learns late husband was her biological father

A woman who is in her 60s was devastated to learn that her late husband was actually her biological father.

She made the discovery after her husband passed away, reports Akron Beacon Journal.

Her husband would have been around 15 years of age when she was conceived.

The confusion occurred because the woman was brought up by her grandparents ever since she was three months old. When she turned 9, she learnt that the person she assumed to be her father was actually her grandfather. And the woman whom she though of as her aunt was actually her mother. But by then, her mother had passed away and she never learnt who her biological father was.

Her husband died when he was 60 years old. But following bizarre rumours about her relationship with her husband, she was finally told the truth by her uncle.

A DNA test confirmed those rumours and she was shocked to learn that the person with whom she had spent her life and who fathered her own three children, was actually her own father as well. She also has eight grandchildren.

She cannot be sure if her husband knew that he had married his own daughter. She feels that he probably knew but did not know how to break the news to her.

The woman had to undergo therapy to handle the horrifying revelation.

Ever since she learnt the family secret, she has found six siblings.

However, it is not clear if her husband fathered them too.


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