Woman offered year's supply of Burger King chicken

A disgruntled woman who appeared on the news following the KFC chicken crisis last week is being offered a year's supply of chicken from Burger King.

The unnamed female appeared on a news segment last week, where she fumed about how she was forced to go to Burger King when many of the fried chicken stores closed down, due to a shortage in the meat.

And after the woman was offered free KFC, the burger chain tempted the customer to accept their offer of as many portions of chicken strips as she likes for 12 months.

A spokesperson for Burger King said: "The disgruntled chicken fan who announced that she "had to go to Burger King" after the Colonel ran out of chicken for her favourite rice-box, Burger King is coming to her rescue in her time of need...with a year's supply of chicken strips.

"These tasty morsels will come in their own bespoke, specially designed chicken bucket, which will be uniquely created for her.

"That's right, the King doesn't chicken out, especially in times of emergency! The lady will be able to claim her chicken fix whenever her cravings hit, with her VIP voucher.... for free."

Now the home of the Whopper is trying to track down the woman to give her the reward.

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