World’s first childbirth... from the inside

You have never seen childbirth like this.

According to New Scientist, an international team of doctors and scientists announced in 2010 that it had recorded the world’s first video of childbirth using magnetic resonance imaging.

Now, that footage has been released to the public.

The footage, featured here, relied on a technique known as cinematic MRI to observe the active second stage of labor…you know the one where the mother expels the fetus.

12-day-old baby poisoned by parents

A 12-day-old baby girl was poisoned to death, allegedly by her parents, in a remote tribal village in Bollapalli, reports Asia News Network.

Apparently it was a case of having too many daughters. The couple had three daughters prior to the latest addition to their family.
ANN said Makkal Osai reported that the infant was born to Bhukya Baba Naik and Chilka Bai in the village about 150km from Hyderabad in South India.
The parents allegedly told villagers that the child had died of a severe fever but villagers recalled how Baba Naik's third daughter had died in a similar manner two years ago, ANN said
When they confronted the couple, Chilka Bai admitted to feeding pesticide to the baby, claiming she mistook it for syrup. Baba Naik fled the village and police have launched a manhunt, ANN added.

Pet piranha bites off toddler's fingertip

Chicago-area parents thought their pit bull was to blame when they heard their 18-month-old daughter crying and discovered one of her fingertips had been severed.
Turns out, the culprit was a piranha the family kept in an aquarium.
Doctors determined the bite wasn't from a dog after the girl was rushed to a hospital by ambulance.
Cook County Sheriff's Department spokesman Frank Bilecki tells the Chicago Tribune (the girl's father cut open one of two piranhas and found the fingertip. He says doctors tried to reattach the fingertip, but he didn't know if they were successful.
He didn't immediately respond to messages left Saturday by The Associated Press, and a hospital spokesman couldn't provide the information.
Bilecki says the parents were distraught and aren't facing charges.(AP)