Dad hangs son from forklift, welds into cage

Also: Man rapes child then burns him

BRITAIN: A British father tortured his 29-year-old son as he suspected him of stealing his stepmother's jewellery.

He lured his son to his workshop on false pretext and overpowered him. The father hung his son upside down with the help of a forklift truck and battered him. The young man sustained grave injuries after his father and uncle beat him with a baseball bat, hose and metal pipe.

He sustained multiple fractures and both his legs were left broken. The father also sprayed brake fluid into his son's face and threatened to set him on fire, reports UK daily Mirror.

After torturing him, the young man was welded inside a cage so he could not escape on his own... ever.

The 51-year-old father has been jailed for 16 years.

The daily reported: At Leicester Crown Court, Judge Ebraham Mooncey described Kevin as an “evil man” and said: “It’s hard to fathom how a father, his own flesh and blood, could do something like this.”


Man rapes child then burns him

SAUDI ARABIA: A Saudi man abducted a six-year-old local boy to his apartment and raped him. He then murdered the boy, took his body in a bag to a distant area and burned it.

The charred body of Mohammed Salim Al Azmi was found in the northern town of Alqurayat last month after the boy went missing for a few days.

Police said the body was found near a bridge east of the town and forensic examination later determined it was that of Mohammed.

“Police said a suspect they had arrested confessed to the crime,” the Arabic language daily Alsaudeh said.

“He performed the crime for the investigators…he said that he abducted Mohammed and raped him at his flat…he then took him to that area and burned his body so he would not be identified in order to cover his crime.”

The paper did not identify the killer but other dailies said recently police had arrested Mohammed’s 36-year-old neighbour in connection with the crime. (To see image of boy, click on second image on the slideshow above)


Student eats roommate's heart... and parts of the brain

In a bizarre case of cannibalism, an engineering student is accused of dismembering his roommate with a knife and eating his brain and heart.

According to a 'Daily Mail' report, 21-year-old Alexander Kinyua of Maryland, confessd to police that he ate his roommate's heart and portions of his brain after killing him.

Police found the victim's head and hands in metal tins. He then led cops to the remainder of body parts.

Police were alerted by Kinyua's father when his other son told him that he found somethng akin to a human head at home.

His facebook page shows a troubled student who claims that campus killings are actually 'ethnic cleansing'.

He is charged with firt-degree murder.

Saudi ghost-hunters raid 'haunted' hospital

The dingy corridors and gloomy wards of a long-abandoned Saudi Arabian hospital have drawn hundreds of amateur ghost hunters who believe it to be haunted by jinn.

The macabre fascination with Riyadh's Irqa Hospital, which treated Gulf War combatants in 1991, began with tweeted rumors and escalated to the point where hundreds of youths broke into the grounds, smashing windows and starting fires.

"Teenagers sent text messages calling for an operation against some of the jinn who live in the hospital, and they broke into the hospital and smashed its facilities and burned 60 percent of it," Okaz newspaper reported last week.

The rampage prompted angry press complaints the authorities were allowing the building to fall into disrepair.

Several films have since been posted on YouTube showing grinning young men exploring the building's deserted rooms in search of evidence of spectral activity.

One showed blazing palm trees that had been torched by the ghost hunters.

Jinn fever reached the point where the Health Ministry issued a terse statement on Monday disclaiming responsibility for the decaying building, which it said was privately owned and too decrepit to be revived as a working hospital.

A columnist in the English-language Saudi Gazette daily on Tuesday recommended that authorities form "a committee for the jinn" to help the owners of possessed houses.

"It would be no understatement to say we are sick and tired of evil sorcerers," said the article.

Principal breaks 7-year-old's arm

A brutal school principal did the unthinkable. He beat up a seven year old student of the school he heads in Jammu in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. The man even kicked him and later locked him up in an isolated room for hours.

The boy was hit so hard with sticks that he sustained multiple fractures in his right arm.

The boy's parents have filed a police complaint against the principal. The accused tried to brush the matter under the carpet by offering money to the parents and alternately even threatening them against going to the authorities.

The little boy told NDTV news channel that he apoligised many times and promise not to do it again but despite that beatings rained in on him and he was left behind locked doors for three hours.

He has been advised complete bed rest for three months.

Pregnant woman shot in the face at red signal

A gunman in a Cadillac has shot a pregnant woman in the face at a Palm Springs red light.
Sgt. Mike Kovaleff says the woman has a non-life threatening wound to her face. Her name hasn't been released.
The Riverside Press-Enterprise says the woman was a passenger in a Honda CRV sport utility vehicle stopped at a red light Thursday night when the Cadillac sedan pulled alongside.
Kovaleff says an armed passenger in the Cadillac yelled and began firing at the two people in the SUV.
The driver of the Honda wasn't hurt.
The Cadillac was found a short time later abandoned in nearby Cathedral City.
There are no arrests.

Mother beheaded infant son and ate part of his brain

San Antonio police say a woman accused of beheading her 3-week-old infant son used a knife and two swords in the attack and ate some of the child's body parts.
San Antonio Police Chief William McManus told reporters Monday that Otty Sanchez's attack on her son, Scott Wesley Buchholtz-Sanchez, was "too heinous" to fully discuss.
But he says Sanchez ate part of the newborn's brain and bit off three of his toes before stabbing herself twice.
Police say the 33-year-old Sanchez told officers who were called to her house early Sunday that she killed her son at the devil's request.
Sanchez is charged with capital murder and is being held on $1 million bail. She is recovering from her wounds at a hospital.

Woman breaks into home, cleans and leaves a bill

Police in suburban Cleveland say a woman who owns a cleaning service broke into a house and washed the dishes, took out the trash, and vacuumed before leaving a handwritten bill with her name on it.
And police say it might not be the first time.
The woman, Sue Warren of Elyria, is in jail on a burglary charge.
Police in Westlake say Warren broke into a home last week and began tidying up, but she didn't take anything. They say she then wrote out a bill for $75 on a napkin and included her name and address.
One officer says Warren told him she does it all the time.
A call to Warren's cleaning business was not answered Thursday. It's not immediately known if she has an attorney.

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