Man kills wife, lover after wife-swap goes wrong

PENNSYLVANIA: In a weird incident, where wife swapping had gone awry, a bitter husband killed his estranged wife and her lover in a fit of rage.
Lloyd Hill beat Frederick Tarantino to death with a baseball bat before repeatedly stabbing his wife, Stefanie Hill, reports Daily Mail.

The husband followed Tarantino once he left work and trailed him to an apartment where his estranged wife was living with the couple's teenage daughter.

The man first attacked Tarantino and then entered the apartment to attack his wife.

Hill and Tarantino knew each other through the church that they attended. Both couples used to socialise togther often. Hill and Tarantino's ex-wife Tara coupled up and moved in together. Later, even Tarantino and Mrs Hill started an affair.
When Hill found out about the latest developments, he became bitter and threatened the other pair. The lovers kept their residential address a secret from Hill. A week before the horrific killing, Hill had sent his wife a threatening text message that he was planning to kill both of them.

The couple's daughter was in the apartment when Hill was stabbing his wife. The daughter came rushing to defend her mother upon hearing her mother's screams.

Neighbours discovered Tarantino's limp body lying beside a bush. Minutes later they heard Hill's daughter's scream.

The neighbours rushed in and tried to keep Mrs Hill alive with first aid till the paramedics arrived. She succumbed to her injuries in the hospital.

Hill could face life sentence or even death sentence for the double killing.
Umpire kills cricket fan with bat

DHAKA: A cricket umpire killed a teenage spectator in Bangladesh by hitting him on the head with a bat in a dispute over a contested decision, police said on Sunday.

Nazrul Islam, 15, ran onto the pitch during an amateur game in the remote northern district of Kishoreganj and started an argument with the umpire, who took one of the players' bats and hit the teenager.

Islam showed no serious injury from the blow during the game on Friday but suffered an internal hemorrhage overnight and died in hospital the following day, local police chief Mosharraf Hossain told AFP.

"The two argued over a not-out decision by the umpire. He accused the umpire of bias. At one stage, the umpire became angry, took a bat and hit the young boy on the head," Hossain said.

The umpire was being sought for questioning but had gone into hiding, he added.

Cricket is a hugely popular sport in Bangladesh, which last year co-hosted the World Cup with India and Sri Lanka.
Minor girl raped and set on fire, dies

INDIA: A 16-year-old girl who was a student of grade 10 was raped and subsequently set on fire on January 27 in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The girl succumbed to her injuries in a hospital in Indore two days later, reports Indian television channel, NDTV.

The victim apparently threatened her rapist with dire consequences and she also said that she would go to the police to file a complaint. The man got scared and poured kerosene on the victim's body and set her on fire, police officials said. A team has been sent to the village where the incident occurred to arrest the rapist and murderer.
Airline steward assaulted by passenger, 83

HONG KONG: A Cathay Pacific steward was physically assaulted by an elderly passenger on a flight from Hong Kong to Adelaide when he tried to stop the senior person from barging into the cockpit.

The passenger beat the steward with his walking stick till it broke into two, reports

The unlikely victim received major injuries in the head and had to be taken off in a treacher when the plane landed in Australia.

The elderly gentleman had been showing signs of being disturbed just after he had finished his in-flight meal. He had collected his cabin baggage and started moving towards the cockpit asking to be disembarked while the plane was in air.

The altercation took place when he tried to barge into the cockpit later.
Mobile phone users to be tried as 'war criminals'

NORTH KOREA: In this Asian country, use of mobile phone services is a crime punishable by law.

Cell phone is banned in North Korea and according to a report by Press Trust of India, anyone caught talking on such a device would be tried as a war criminal.

London's Daily Telegraph has reported that while the country is in transition phase after the death of late Kim Jong Il, the country is clamping down on those using mobile phones. The country's ruling class fears that discontentment could spread among the people if they could communicate with the outside world and new ideas could be imported from outside to the people of North Korea.

There are also concerns that the country could witness uprisings similar to those that rose in countries like Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.
Drop boxes to stop unwanted children being left in bins

RUSSIA: Unwanted children in Russia are generally left in public garbage bins by their mothers.

The Krasnodar Territory in south Russia decided to invest in five sanitary drop boxes in November to provide clean places for the mothers to leave their unwanted children, reports Daily Mail.

Within a month of the introduction of the hygiene boxes, one baby was left behind by a person.

These boxes keep the infants safe from the harsh cold and infection.

Earlier, South Africa had introduced similar safe boxes in some towns. The initiative has been very successful. These allow struggling mothers to drop their baby off anonymously. The infants get a chance at leading a better life once they are adopted by couples.

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