Mom starves disabled teen to a bare 23 pounds

Plus: Teen student gangraped by teachers for a year; Dead boy wakes up and asks for water at funeral

US: Hospital staff in Chicago were stunned to find that a 16-year-old girl who siffered from cerebral palsy and couldn't walk or talk weighed a mere 23 pounds, which is a typical weight of a one or a two-year-old. Her sunken cheeks and protruding ribs cried out silently of a horror tale of abuse.

The staff immediately realised that the teenager had been starved for months to suffer from such an extreme degree of malnutrition, Chicago Tribune reported.

The mother of the teenager claimed she fed her daughter eggs and grits for breakfast, steamed rice and chicken, chocolate protein drinks and snacks throughout the day.

When an image of the starving and disabled teenager was leaked to the media, it created a furore as to why the social services did not look into the matter for months as the girl almost starved to death.

An investigation by the Chicago newspaper revealed that an investigator into the case walked away from Darlene's home on three occasions without seeing the 16-year-old.

The unemployed single mother of five told the daily earlier this year that she ‘was a good mother’ and said her daughter was ‘well cared for.’

Human lungs found on sidewalk

US: Authorities say something that looks like lungs have been found on a sidewalk in south Los Angeles County.

Sheriff's Sgt. Robert Dean tells the Los Angeles Times that a citizen called Sunday evening to report organs on the sidewalk on Avalon Boulevard in an unincorporated area.

He says he doesn't know what they are but deputies turned them over to coroner's officials.

Coroner's spokesman Ed Winter says a doctor has not looked at what was found yet. He says an examination will be conducted Monday or Tuesday. (AP)

Little girl crushed by tombstone cross

The family of a four-year-old girl who died after a 1,000-pound cross from a tombstone fell on her and her sister behind a church was set to face the grim task of burying her Monday night.
Peyton Elizabeth Townsend and her sister, Lily Grace Townsend, were playing with a group of children in the Deep Gap, N.C. church yard, which is also a cemetery, before class Friday night at Vacation Bible School. The cross, which authorities said weighs at least half a ton, struck the younger girl on her upper body. It also hit six-year-old Lily Grace Townsend on her leg and injured her slightly, Highway Patrol 1st Sgt. Gary McClelland told The Associated Press.
The girl’s mother, Sarah, is a nurse, and her father, Randall, is a state trooper and paramedic. Both parents tried to save their daughter, who died at a medical center nearby.
“There are a lot of people hurting over this,” McClelland, who works with the girls’ father, told The Associated Press. He said he remembers Peyton as a “bubbly, giggly” child.
The Rev. Rick Cornejo said counselors will be helping the other children who witnessed the accident.
Peyton was born on Oct.31, 2007, according to her obituary, which says she loved bright colors, Barbie dolls, and playing dress-up with her sister. (AP)

Teen gangraped by teachers, attempts suicide

JAIPUR: A girl who was being repeatedly raped by her teacher and two of his aides tried to commit suicide. The family members were unaware of the girl's ordeal for more than 12 months. She did not reveal anything to her friends or family as her tormentors had threatened to upload the sexual assault videos online if she dared complain to anyone.

The parents were enlightened only after the girl tried to commit suicide a few days back, reports The Times of India.

The girl is a student of a senior secondary school in the Indian state of Rajasthan and used to take maths tuition from her teacher who gang raped her along with his aids.

By the time the police officers reached the coaching institute to arrest the accused, all the rapists had fled town.
Father kills daughter's molester

TEXAS: A father in Texas has battered a man on his head after allegedly catching him red-handed as he was molesting his daughter, 4, inside a barn.

According to a local daily, Houston Chronicle, the father and daughter duo were frequently found in the barn working together or egenrally spending time together.

The molester had arrived at the barn with several other people. After a while, the father heard his daughter screaming. When he went inside the barn to check what was wrong, he found his little daughter being sexually molested by the man.

The father's neighbours and the people of the Lavaca County town are supporting him and have been vocal in saying that the molester deserved to die for attacking a four-year-old in broad daylight. 

‘Dead' boy wakes up and asks for water at funeral

BRAZIL: A boy, 2, who had allegedly died woke up from the 'dead' and asked for water at his own funeral and then died!

The little boy was being treated for pneumonia in a hospital in Brazil. The doctors were unable to save him and handed his body over to his parents and other family members. The family held a wake throughout the night and the child's body was kept in an open coffin.

A little before his funeral was to be held, he woke up and requested his father to give him some water, reports ORM website.

The family erupted in shock and joy but the child laid back and was lifeless again.

He was rushed to the hospital but the doctors said that there were no signs of life in the child's body despite the family's claim of what had taken place at their home.

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