Police plead with shopkeepers to stop selling Red Bull to schoolchildren

Police have asked shopkeepers not to sell Red Bull or other energy drinks to youngsters in a bid to curb rowdy behaviour.

Officers in Whitchurch, Hampshire think the children get hyper-active and cause trouble after guzzling cans of the high-sugar, high-caffeine drinks.

Now shops have been asked not to sell energy drinks to under-16s on Friday nights in the hope it will reduce troublemaking.

In a report read to a meeting of Whitchurch town council, PC Paula Deery and PCSO Wendy Eaglestone revealed there had been nine reports of anti-social behaviour in the town in March.

The report stated: 'We have asked shops in Whitchurch not to sell Red Bull or other stimulation drinks to under-16s on a Friday evening as it increases hyper-activity.'

An assembly was also held at the local Testbourne Community School, warning pupils not to cause trouble over the weekends, and letters have been sent out to parents.

The youngsters were warned that if they continued to make a nuisance of themselves, they would face being made a subject of anti-social behaviour contracts.

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