Psychologist claims Facebook not good for kids

Facebook can turn kids into narcissists and lead to health complications, a California psychologist said in Washington on Saturday.

Larry Rosen, a psychologist at Cal State Dominguez Hills, presented a conference paper on the potential harm the hugely popular social networking site can have on children, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Rosen, who has been studying the effects of technology on people for more than two decades, said that teens who use technologies, like video games and the internet, were more likely to have stomach aches, sleeping problems, anxiety and depression.

Those who used Facebook often were likely to be more narcissistic, because the networking tool gave them the ability to publish information about themselves whenever they wanted.

Among all Facebook users, young and old, Rosen said the more people used the website, the more likely they were to develop other problems, including antisocial personality disorder, paranoia, anxiety and alcohol use.

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