She's world's smallest mom

How about a baby girl wearing her mom's dress for her first birthday? Well, it will be a reality in a few months time. And then both mom and daughter will also play piggyback on the father!

An Ukrainian woman standing 90cm tall and weighing a mere 26kgs has become a proud mother of a baby girl beating records to become the smallest mother in the world. 

Maria's baby girl, who is now a little over two months, is of normal weight, weighs 2.8kg and is already 49cms in height. She hopes and prays her little bundle does not inherit her disease but grows up healthy and normal, according to reports on the web.

Meanwhile, doctors, who initially tried dissuading her from carrying on with the pregnancy, consider it a miracle that 26-year-old Maria actually gave birth because small women usually end up suffering miscarriages.

Maria met her husband on the net. Initially the 187cm Oleg was confused by the size of his girlfriend, but then he left it to fate and married her. "Size does not matter, love has no bounds," says her husband.

One of the doctors at the hospital where Maria checked in for delivery, recalling the incident, says: "None of the doctors would dare take responsibility for this matter. For me, it was difficult to operate on her."

The couple gave the baby a double name Veronica Aline. And they are already thinking of a second child. 

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