90-kilo tumour removed after 10-hour surgery


A 90-kilo tumour has successfully been removed from Vietnam’s Nguyen Duy Hai who underwent the surgery late on Thursday at a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.

According to initial reports emerging from the city, 32-year-old Hai’s condition is steady following the grueling 10-hour-long operation to remove the tumour from his leg.

The life-threatening operation – which was broadcast live – was conducted under lead surgeon McKay Mckinnon who has already performed similar high-risk tumor removals in the past.

According to Vietnamese media reports, Hai’s tumour – which had grown to one metre at the time of operation – began to grow at the age of four due to a rare genetic mutation. Doctors amputated his leg in 1997 hoping that the tumour would stop growing, but, sadly, it continued to grow.

Hai comes from a poor family and they appealed for help last year as they could not afford the massive medical bills – which was estimated at $12,000 – excluding doctor Mckinnon’s fee who decided to waive it.

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